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Pricing &
  • $600

  • Live On-line via Zoom

  • Scheduling available M-F   9am-4pm

Each session will allows for personalized coaching as you learn how to teach your dog. We will address any specific challenges that aren't covered in the curriculum, time permitting.

  • 12 Sessions

  • 30 minutes per Session

Sessions are ideally spaced at twice per week. However, private training allows for flexibility of scheduling to allow for "Life to happen".

  • Getting your dog's attention

  • Coming when called

  • Walking nicely on leash

  • Leaving items/people alone

  • Sitting and Staying

  • Laying Down and Staying

  • Emergency Recall

The moment you bring your pup/dog home, it will need to learn how to live with the crazy species called homo sapiens-sapiens (translation: odd, two-legged creatures that claim to know all there is to know, expressly for the sheer comic relief it causes all the other species on this planet).

That means, us. Humans.

A dog is a dog. It comes to us knowing only doggie things. And.. some doggie things just are not acceptable in the human society into which they are thrust. Ours is an alien, confusing, and dangerous world, and your dog needs you to guide it through these waters. Not only for its own safety, but also for safety of your sanity. You dog needs training. And, for that matter, so do you.

During training, you will also be shown how your dog learns these things, how it processes the information that we give it, and how you can get better at making yourself understood by your buddy. What you can learn in this program goes beyond having your dog respond to a command that you give. It can take your relationship to a whole new level.

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