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Pricing &
  • $600

  • Live On-line via Zoom

  • Scheduling available M-F   9am-4pm

You get an hour per session of our trainer's undivided attention. This also allows us to address any specific challenges that aren't covered in the curriculum, time permitting.

  • 12 Sessions

  • 30 minutes per Session

Sessions are ideally spaced at twice per week. However, private training allows for flexibility of scheduling to allow for "Life to happen".

  • Practice of all items to be tested

Since 1989, the American Kennel Club has been rewarding dogs who are well-behaved at home and in public with the Canine Good Citizen ® (CGC) Certificate. Not only does it show that the dog has basic good manners and that the dog parent is a responsible one, but it is now an acknowledged title that you can select to include in your dog's official registered name!

In order for a dog to be rewarded with the certificate, he or she will need to pass a test administered by a registered CGC Evaluator.

The test consists of advanced calculus, Latin, and canine anatomy.

Just kidding.

The test puts the dog and his or her handler in various situations that the dog can encounter in everyday life. During these scenarios, the dog's owner demonstrates that the dog is under control and is well-behaved. Some examples of the scenarios are having the dog behave when another person approaches the handler (that's you, the owner) and stops for a quick exchange; having the dog behave and remain under control when the above scenario is repeated, but the approaching person has a dog of his or her own; having the dog behave and remain under control when walking by a crowd of people; when someone approaches the dog in order to pet it; when someone inspects the dog's paws and ears; when someone brushes the dog, etc. For detailed information on the test, visit the AKC's CGC Test Items webpage.

The pre-requisite for this program is that you and your dog have completed a basic obedience course that included the commands for sit, down, stay, walking loosely on a leash, and heeling. The successful completion of the program will set you and your dog for success for taking this test, and will help you expand on the basic obedience training that you have completed with your dog. And once you pass the test, you can send for an official Canine Good Citizen ® Certificate from the AKC.

It will look great on your wall right next to your certificates for advanced calculus, Latin, and canine anatomy.

Call or email today for more information!

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