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Pricing &
  • $400

  • Live On-line via Zoom

  • Scheduling available M-F   9am-4pm

You get an hour per session of our trainer's undivided attention. This also allows us to address any specific challenges that aren't covered in the curriculum, time permitting.

  • 8 Sessions

  • 30 minutes per Session

Sessions are ideally spaced at twice per week. However, private training allows for flexibility of scheduling to allow for "Life to happen".

  • Socialization

  • Potty training

  • Getting ready for vet visits

  • Getting ready for grooming

  • Bite inhibition

  • How to handle inappropriate behavior

Raising a puppy is an incredibly rewarding experience- and rasing your puppy right will bring you years of wonderful companionship. It will set your pup up for a happy life, not to mention give you peace of mind as your fuzzy baby develops!

Did you realize that during the first few weeks that you have your puppy a scary experience can stay with him for life? And that there is a precious window of time in which you can introduce your puppy to all that it may be exposed to in his life so that he handles stress in an effective manner?

How about knowing how to properly potty train your little leaker? And how to enjoy a play session without having your personal Tasmanian Devil shred your hands?

If you have a puppy, contact us! You have a great adventure ahead of you- let us help you get off to the best start!

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