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Pricing &
  • $600

  • Live On-line via Zoom

  • Scheduling available M-F   9am-4pm

You get an hour per session of our trainer's undivided attention. This also allows us to address any specific challenges that aren't covered in the curriculum, time permitting.

  • 12 Sessions

  • 30 minutes per Session

Sessions are ideally spaced at twice per week. However, private training allows for flexibility of scheduling to allow for "Life to happen".

  • Basics of marker training

  • Mechanics of using the clicker

  • Capturing behaviors

  • Shaping behaviors

  • Achieving stimulus control

Training your dog is more than just teaching your dog to sit, or stay, or heel. It's much more than just having your dog respond to your cues, and it goes WAY beyond obedience training. You can actually teach your dog to do anything that your dog is capable of physically doing. Really!!

The Foundation Skills program is as much a course for you as it is for your dog. This course will give you (your dog's trainer) the foundation skills to really understand one of the best ways to train any animal: clicker training. Clicker training is used for many species, including non-domesticated animals, like those you see at Sea World and in many of the world's most progressive zoos. It is also the tool of choice used for animal actors both on stage, television, and in film. The reason it is so widely used, is that when applied correctly, learning happens quickly, without confrontation, and it simply works. Not to mention, that both animals and humans quickly become addicted to it!

Taught by a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, you can be sure that you are learning the skills from someone that has been taught by the best in the business, and has proven not only to understand the science behind it, but knows how to teach it to animals.

(You know that movie where the hero is using clickers to train his Velociraptors? Yeah. That's not how you clicker train. After this course, you too, will flinch whenever you see those scenes again.)

This course will teach you and your dog the foundation skills on which you can teach pretty much anything you'd like your dog to learn by teaching them some basic behaviors. Even if these are behaviors your dog already knows, teaching them using the guidance of this course will give you the knowledge of how you can communicate with your dog in a systematic, science-backed manner, and will teach your dog to understand the language of the clicker.

Curious as to what your dog could possibly learn with clicker training? Check out the following videos to see some animal geniuses at work

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